Is LGBT History in the QC a Bad Thing?


After a week of headaches and heavenly patience tried I’ve finally was able to get my custom domain for my blogger created blog to work.  One of the first projects I wanted to begin (now that I had a viewable blog) was a page dedicated to LGBT Charlotte.
I started drafting the lists of nightlife, culture, and groups, but thought an introduction providing an overview of life in the Queen City from a gay perspective might be worthwhile.

But what is a perspective without the context of history?

It occurred to me that there is little of historical record of LGBT issues and even existence in Charlotte.  Yes,  there are articles that range from the Angels in America debacle to religious attacks on LGBTs, and yes, one can always find media coverage of  Bill James proclaiming his obsession with gay people.

The problem is that the history of LGBT Charlotte is primarily being written by media attention to negative issues brought by the ones who harbor a preoccupation with hating gay people; however, without these very same people and their negative attacks the history page of gay Charlotte is rather blank.   A sad statement indeed.

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